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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Contest Anjuran Bro Framestone dan Nando's Malaysia

Assalamualaikum Malaysian ^_^

Did u heard about the "Malaysia's Hottest Battle" between Macho Kai and Harry Kok???

Okay, let me introduced to uoals who is Macho Kai and Harry Kok???
Ahaaaaa !! Macho Kai wearing the RED Shirt and Harry Kok wearing the GREEN shirt.
So, in this competition, Macho Kai and Harry Kok will challenging each other to become WINNER !!
So, who u think will be the WINNER ???
Macho Kai ?? or Harry Kok ???

Ahaaaa... I voted for HARRY KOK !!! ^_^

Why ???
Because he look so cool and have his own style on POLE DANCING.. Awesome !!!

Love to hear HARRY KOK attitude 

 Main thing is I want to win and show that I could do this"

And how i show that i supported Harry Kok ???

Ahaaaa I also wearing the GREEN kebaya...^_^


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